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Brooklyn Stone - Pretoria, South Africa
Sectional Title


Buying directly from the Developer provides real savings for the discerning buyer.

Brooklyn Stone is a striking residential landmark and redefines luxury, offering a secure lifestyle combining spacious interiors (230m2 to 280m2) sophisticated design, an open-plan layout and a prestigious address in the heart of Brooklyn, Pretoria. This well-managed Sectional Title complex boasts an impressive foyer with multiple indoor gardens and atria.

Large windows and sliding glass doors enhance the sense of light and space. A striking designer kitchen (complete with integrated appliances) leads to a generous living area and outside patio or balcony with a built-in gas BBQ, wet bar and aluminium shutters.

Whether you are looking to buy or would like to extend your property portfolio, these exceptional apartments merge investment with the ultimate in quintessential living.

Section Features: Communal Features:
Designer Kitchen 24/7 Access Control
Kitchen Appliances Electric Fence/Beams
Sound Speaker System CCTV Surveillance Cameras
Spacious Patio/Balcony Satellite Dish
Built-in gas BBQ & Wet Bar Lifts x 2
Secure Tandem Parking Landscaped Gardens
Storeroom Visitor Parking

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Download the Brooklyn Stone conduct rules

FAQ's about sectional title?

What is Sectional Title?

A Sectional Title Development Scheme usually referred to as a "SCHEME," is a community scheme in which individuals own their properties exclusively and also own a share in the COMMON PROPERTY owned by all the owners together. These schemes are managed in terms of the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA).

What do I own?

You will own a UNIT, which comprises a SECTION (or Sections) and a share of the COMMON PROPERTY. The section is the space measured to the mid-point, or median line, of the surrounding walls, floor and ceiling.

You are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the Section and can decorate, paint or undertake alterations without asking permission, providing those alterations do not infringe on municipal by-laws, alter the common property and are non-structural changes.

Everything that is not a section is common property, owned by all the owners.

What is "Common Property"?

The COMMON PROPERTY is all the parts of a scheme that are not sections. Roofs, driveways, gardens, corridors, lifts and entrance foyers are good examples of common property. However, some parts of the common property may be designated as Exclusive Use Areas (EUAs).

Who controls the common property?

The common property is controlled by the body corporate. There are no exceptions to this rule. This means that even though parts of the common property can be designated as exclusive use areas, these areas are still controlled by the body corporate and therefore subject to the rules of the scheme. These rules might prohibit drying laundry in view of others.

What is an "Exclusive Use" Area?

Specific owners have the right to use specific parts of the common property to the exclusion of all the other owners which are called EXCLUSIVE USE AREAS. These rights can be granted by registration of a notarial deed at the Deeds Office, or by the body corporate making a rule granting the rights. It's important to remember that one does not own the area, one only has the use of the area.

Common examples are gardens, parking bays and storerooms. The body corporate must maintain exclusive use areas but the owner who holds the rights must pay all the costs. Areas subject to registered exclusive use rights are shown on the sectional plan.

What is the "Body Corporate"?

The BODY CORPORATE is the collective name given to all the owners of units in a scheme. It comes into existence as soon as the developer of the scheme transfers a unit to someone else. All registered owners of units in the scheme are members of the body corporate, but the body corporate exists as a legal entity independently of its members.

The body corporate controls and runs the scheme. The day-to-day administration of the scheme is vested in the TRUSTEES who are appointed by the body corporate. Major decisions regarding the scheme are made by the body corporate, usually at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM), or at a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING (SGM).

Who are the Trustees?

The TRUSTEES are usually owners in the scheme who have been nominated and approved to run the scheme on a day-to-day basis at the AGM. The trustees are elected by the body corporate at the AGM. The minimum number of trustees for a scheme is two

The trustees work on a voluntary, unpaid basis and at the AGM the trustees elect a chairperson and they usually hold office until the next AGM.

Who makes the rules?

The developer of the scheme sets the rules.

The management rules control the running or management of the Scheme, while the conduct rules regulate the conduct of owners and their guests or tenants.

What is "the Levy"?

The costs incurred by the body corporate in running a scheme have to be paid by the owners. These costs include:

Utilities, CSOS payments, maintenance and reserve funds, Insurance, repairs. Managing Agent fees, security, administration costs, bank charges, legal fees, etc. for the Common Property which are paid by the individual owners in the form of a monthly levy according to the participation quota for their unit/s.

How is the levy calculated?

The administrative fund has to pay for the day-to-day costs and a reserve fund has to pay for future maintenance, repair and replacement of capital items of the common property. The trustees must prepare a budget for each fund every financial year and present the budget to members of the body corporate at a yearly AGM.

Once the budgets have been approved, the total annual cost is divided into a monthly amount with each owner "levied" a monthly amount in accordance with the participation quota (PQ) of that owner's section so larger sections will have a higher PQ and pay more than smaller sections.

Can the levy be changed at other times?

Yes. In an emergency, the Trustees can impose a SPECIAL LEVY to cover expenses of an unforeseen nature. If necessary, the trustees can also increase the levy by up to 10% for the period between the scheme's financial year end and the next AGM.

What are Managing Agents?

Most Body Corporates appoint a MANAGING AGENT to administer a scheme. The Managing Agent collects the monthly levies and all other moneys due by owners to the Body Corporate. They keep the books, recover unpaid debts, prepare the annual budgets, arrange for quotations for repairs and maintenance, send out notices and generally assist the Trustees with the numerous time consuming tasks that arise in administering a Scheme.

A good Managing Agent can save the Body Corporate a lot of time, trouble and expense.

What is the Community Scheme Ombud?

The Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) mainly deals with disputes in community schemes. The dispute must have to do with scheme administration and can only be between persons with a material interest in the scheme.

CSOS also approves and takes custody of sectional title scheme rules. The regulations under the CSOS Act set out general duties for scheme executives, such as the trustees in sectional title schemes, to promote good governance, and provide minimum amounts for fidelity insurance to protect the scheme's money.

All community schemes must pay a monthly levy to the CSOS and must submit an annual return.

May I keep a pet?

An occupant of a Sectional Title unit may not keep a pet in a scheme without the written consent of the trustees. In considering an application, the trustees have to be guided by the type of pet and the nature of the scheme. In granting consent trustees may impose special conditions and may withdraw the consent if the pet causes a nuisance to other owners.

Quick summary

  • Location
  • District Brooklyn
  • City Pretoria
  • Country South Africa
  • Property Type: Apartment
  • Status: For Sale
  • Note: See attached price list


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